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South Carolina Governor: Haley (R) 49%, Sheheen (D) 35%

Republican Nikki Haley continues to hold a double-digit lead over Democratic State Senator Vincent Sheheen in South Carolina's race for governor. Read More

The DISCLOSE Act and the Culture of Corruption

Yesterday Democrats in the Senate failed in their effort to invoke cloture (that is, end debate) on the DISCLOSE Act, perhaps the most Orwellian-named piece of legislation in recent memory. Read More

Democrats fail to ram partisan campaign bill through U.S. Senate

Today, by only a one vote margin, the liberals in the U.S. Senate failed to invoke cloture and end debate on the so-called "DISCLOSE" Act. If passed, the cynical DISCLOSE Act championed by liberals Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer would have suppressed the First Amendment free speech rights of conservative organizations while creating carve-outs for liberal organizations of which Schumer and Reid approve. Read More

Mel Gibson and Premature Obituaries

Frank Rich of the New York Times column has written another installment in a seemingly endless series of obituaries of religious conservatism, the latest tied to Mel Gibson's travails. In Rich's formulation, Gibson is a "powerful and canonized figure in the political and cultural pantheon of American conservatism," so his recent personal challenges and the release of highly embarrassing audiotapes recorded during a bitter custody dispute are a metaphor for the decline of the cultural right. Read More

Democrats’ circular firing squad

Describing the White House last week, Congressional Democrats used words like "ineptness," "neglected" and "disconcerting," and phrases like "isn't aggressive enough." President Barack Obama has only himself to blame for these protests. Read More

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