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Ralph Reed: Obama Would Benefit From Christ-like Leadership

Democrats would have had fewer losses on election Tuesday ifPresident Obama had embraced a "Christ-like model of leadership," says Ralph Reed, founder and chairman of theFaith and Freedom Coalition. Read More

OH FFC Chairman Ken Blackwell leads fight for Balanced Budget Amendment

Ohio FFC Chairman Ken Blackwell has joined a nationwide grassroots effort to push for a balanced budget amendment in the U.S. Congress. Read More

Attack the Deficit: The Fierce Urgency of Now

Appearing Sunday on ABC's "This Week," Senator-elect Rand Paul (R-KY.) told host Christiane Amanpour he would push for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Read More

Evangelical voters turn out in record numbers

EDMOND — State Question 755, the president's rocky relationship with Israel and his position on the so-called "ground zero mosque" were some of the issues that drove a record number of evangelical voters, observers said. Read More

Does Polling Data Reveal ‘Teavangelicals?’

The latest polling data shows that Tea Party members and conservative evangelicals came out in force at the ballot box. Read More

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