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FFC on the move in Nevada; Ralph meets with Sharron Angle, addresses hundreds

(Henderson, Nevada) – Faith & Freedom Coalition Founder and Chairman Ralph Reed was invited by the Nevada Republican Party to headline Saturday’s lunch at the Party’s 2010 Convention.

Monterey Brookman named Chair of Nevada Faith & Freedom Coalition

We’re very pleased here at the Faith & Freedom Coalition to announce that Monterey Brookman has been named the Chairman of the Nevada Faith & Freedom Coalition.

Gilbert Baker will lead Arkansas Faith & Freedom Coalition effort

We’re thrilled to announce that Sen. Gilbert Baker will lead Arkansas Faith & Freedom Coalition. Sen. Baker will assemble our Arkansas team and ensure that we identify, educate and turn out a record-smashing number of conservative voters in Arkansas in 2010.

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Politico Reports on Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Event

2012 — House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence of Indiana, a favorite of hard-core conservatives, will appear Oct. 2 in Des Moines to keynote the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s 10th annual

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