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FFC Presidential Tele-Townhall featuring Newt Gingrich & Mitt Romney

On Saturday at 1:15 PM EST., we will be holding our next Presidential Series National Tele-Town Hall for our members and supporters. Join us as we discuss the future of our country and how we can work together to restore America’s greatness and founding principles.  Joining us for a special Q&A session is former Speaker of the House and 2012 GOP Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, former Governor of Massachusetts and 2012 GOP Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, and our founder and chairman Ralph Reed. *Call information: 877-229-8493, ID CODE: 18595 Thank you for supporting the Faith & Freedom Coalition as we turnout the biggest block of social conservative and Tea Party friendly voters to the polls in the history of presidential elections.

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Together we will influence public policy and enact legislation that strengthens families, promotes time-honored values, protects the dignity of life and marriage, lowers the tax burden on small business and families, and requires government to tighten its belt and live within its means.

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