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State-of-the-Art Ground Game Projected to Increase Turnout of Self-Identified Evangelical Christians by 5 to 7 Million New Voters of Faith

Faith & Freedom Coalition announced today its volunteers had knocked on 5,138,299 doors in the battleground states with one day to go before the 2020 election. This is five times the number of homes visited by the organization in 2016.  

The 5.14 million homes visited so far by FFC volunteers contain nearly 9 million voters, meaning the organization has personally touched one-third of all the modeled evangelical voters in the key states at their doors.  FFC has 1,000 paid staff on the ground and 1,885 volunteers. Home visits capture conversations with of actual voters, recording issue and candidate preferences, which are loaded into apps on smart phones carried by volunteers.   

Faith & Freedom has also mailed 32 million pieces of voter education mail, made 10 million GOTV phone calls, placed digital ads reaching 15.2 million modeled Christian voters in the battleground states, and distributed 30 million voter guides in over 127,000 churches.  In the closing days, Faith & Freedom has sent 4 to 5 million peer-to-peer text messages a day to Christian voters including a link to a Christian voter guide and software that directs voters to their polling location.

“This is the largest voter education effort aimed at voters of faith in modern American political history,” said Tim Head, executive director of Faith & Freedom Coalition. The organization projects 5 to 7 million new evangelical voters will cast ballots in 2020 compared to 2016.     

“My sons understand the importance of President Trump’s policies and their enthusiasm really lifts me up,” said Geovanna Lopez of Sahuarita, Arizona, who knocked on 362 doors in her neighborhood with her young sons, aged 10 and 12 years old.

“Encouraging Christians to go to the polls was my way of fighting for my children so they can grow up in the greatest country in the world,” said Rafaela Ramirez of Miramar, Florida.  Veronica Wagner of Miami added, “I have been able to show voters of faith the differences between the candidate platforms so they could cast an informed ballot.”  

Faith & Freedom projects it will make 183 million voter contacts by the time polls close on Election Day.  Evangelical Christians and faithful Roman Catholics are projected to total over one-third of the electorate.  

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