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Faith & Freedom Coalition Response to Democratic National Convention – Liberal Hypocrisy

DULUTH, Ga. – The United States is gearing up for a historic election this November that will set the trajectory for the rest of the decade. Will we elect leaders who support socialism and attack religious liberty? Or will we choose those who respect and protect faith-based values? The rhetoric coming out of the Democratic National Convention threatens the integrity of national debate. 

The Democratic National Convention opened this Monday with keynote speeches from Andrew Cuomo and Michelle Obama. The unfortunate truth that has emerged from these and other speeches is that Democrats couldn’t be more out of touch with what mainstream Americans value. This was made clear by the misinformation and polarizing rhetoric from speakers such as Linda Sarsour, an anti-Semitic, and Noman Hussain, an Imam from an Islamic extremist institution. 

Tuesday’s keynote was equally concerning. Bill Clinton criticized President Trump and his character, the effect of his remarks about Trump must be viewed in context of his own indiscretions, including his extramarital affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, allegations of sexual misconduct and assault, and his past ties to deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. 

“Actions speak louder than words, and the Democratic National Convention’s talk isn’t matching their walk,” said Timothy Head, executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. “Now is the time for conservatives to show up at the polls and to hold on to our nation’s founding values. President Trump cares about all Americans. His executive orders have declared houses of worship to be an essential service, advanced international religious freedom, reformed our nation’s policing system, increased minority employment and prioritized American workers. He has also met with religious leaders on race and policing and filled the final vacancy in the circuit court by confirming his 200th federal judge. He is putting pro-family, pro-life, pro-Israel and pro-faith values first.”

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