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Faith & Freedom Coalition Hosts Melissa Tate Book Signing

This weekend, Ralph Reed, founder and chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, hosted a book-signing by Melissa Tate, a social influencer, speaker and author who has been a prominent Christian, Conservative voice in the African-American community. 

Last year, the Faith & Freedom Coalition undertook a major Hispanic grassroots effort with great success, especially in Texas and Florida. Similarly, this African-American Voices event is part of the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s effort to stand alongside and support black churches and the African-American community as we continue through 2021 and head into 2022.

Faith and Freedom Coalition is honored to have been able to hold this African American Voices event with Madgie Nicolas, and gather in unity and fellowship with many influential voices.

Michael Philip Tate, Melissa Tate, Ralph Reed, Jo Anne Reed, and Madgie Nicolas.
Melissa Tate, Kelli Masters (attorney to the NFL), and Madgie Nicolas.
Former Fox 5 Georgia Gangs panelist Janelle King, Pamela Alayon (former Vice Chair of Membership Cobb GOP), Jay Lin (former City council of John’s creek city), and Kelvin King (Senatorial candidate)
Melissa Tate speaking to Pam Deaton & King Randall (Founder of the “X” for Boys)

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