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Faith & Freedom Coalition Calls On Senate Democrats To End Obstruction and Confirm Trump Judicial Nominees

Washington, DC – The over 1.8 million members and supporters of the Faith and Freedom Coalition implore Democrats in the United States Senate to cease their obstruction of President Trump’s highly qualified and Constitutionally sound nominees to the federal judiciary.

“Americans of faith have witnessed the anti-Christian bigotry toward judicial nominees who openly profess their Christian Faith,” said Executive Director Tim Head. “Democratic Senators Hirono, Harris, Blumenthal and Feinstein have openly displayed these personal anti-religious attacks during confirmation hearings for nominees Brian Buescher and Judge Amy Coney Barrett. There are over 160 federal judicial positions currently unfilled, and we call upon Democrats in the U.S. Senate to immediately halt their unprecedented and un-constitutional objections to President Trump’s nominees to the federal courts who are all outstanding jurists who will respect the rule of law and the Constitution.”

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