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Faith & Freedom Coalition Applauds States, Localities Permitting Churches to Gather for Worship

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Faith & Freedom Coalition applauds the states and localities permitting worshippers to return to church. Now that the majority of the country is in at least Phase 2 of the reopening process, state and local leaders are allowing churches to reopen. Believers in New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan and others have already gathered or will gather together this upcoming Sunday for worship after months of social distancing closed down churches and isolated the faithful in their homes.

“This is a joyful day for millions of Christians across America,” said Timothy Head, executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. “It is unconscionable that in a country where free exercise of religion is the first constitutional right, restaurants, salons and workplaces reopened before churches did. We are grateful to President Trump for affirming that churches are essential services. It is good to finally see local and state officials recognizing their importance and allowing members to attend services in-person.”

Churches have implemented a variety of safety protocols to preserve the health of congregants. Some are reducing the amount of seating and enforcing six-feet-apart distancing rules. Many are requiring masks. In churches that practice the “passing of the peace” and celebrate communion, believers must refrain from shaking hands and receive the bread in their hands rather than in their mouths.

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