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Faith & Freedom Applaud Texas For Being the First State in the Nation to Pass Six-Week Abortion Ban

DULUTH, Ga. – The United States Supreme Court has ruled not to prevent legislation that allows Texas to enforce a ban on abortions once a woman has reached six weeks of pregnancy. S.B. 8, or the Texas Heartbeat Act, will now make Texas the first state since 1973 in which banning most abortions has become law. This Heartbeat Act will also allow any person to sue an abortion provider, whether having relation to the provider or not, who is allegedly violating this law. As of Wednesday, September 1, this law is in effect. 


The over 2 million members and supporters of the Faith & Freedom Coalition applaud the state of Texas, as well as the 5-4 ruling of the Supreme Court. Texas is combating the worldwide genocide of the unborn by being the first state in the nation to prohibit abortions this early on in a woman’s pregnancy. This legislation on abortion is estimated to decrease abortions in the state of Texas by up to 85%.


“Texas’s efforts in protecting innocent life is an example that other states should follow. Governor Abbott, State Senator Bryan Hughes who authored the bill, and other Texas state legislators are leading the charge to defend the most vulnerable among us. The new make-up of the US Supreme Court has finally given America a court of final appeal that holds to our original Constitution, allowing the Texas Heartbeat Act to make a historic difference. We hope many other states will follow suit, and that together as a nation, we will stop the tragedy of abortion once and for all,” said Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Timothy Head.


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