Tell Obama to Reverse His Directive on Public Restrooms

The Letter

Dear President Obama:

As a Christian and a voter, I’m outraged that you would put our kids and our grandkids safety at risk, by forcing schools to allow students to use the restrooms of the gender they “identify” with.

I urge you to reconsider your order immediately.

All across the country, students have walked out in protest when their schools tried to do exactly what your order says.

These students are our kids and grandkids–young children and teenagers who don’t feel safe or comfortable getting undressed in locker rooms next to people who were born the opposite sex and, in many cases, still look exactly like the opposite sex from head to toe.

Our children’s rights, well-being, and safety should not be ignored just to placate a tiny fragment of the population who suffers from a mental disorder, until recently termed Gender Identity Disorder.

I demand that you reverse your directive on school restrooms and locker rooms, and withdraw your lawsuit against states that have stood up for the safety of our children.

Thank you.

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Why this is important

President Obama has made the public bathroom ground zero in the war on Judeo-Christian values by threatening to pull all federal funding from public schools that require kids to use the bathroom that matches their gender at birth.

Demand that Obama reverse his directive on public restrooms and withdraw the lawsuit against North Carolina.

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