Faith and Freedom Coalition

The 2020 Project
Roadmap to Victory

Our Mission

Restore faith & freedom to America. Today, more than ever, our nation stands at a crossroads.

Issues that Mobilize

Faith & Freedom is on the front lines of our nation’s most important policy battles. These are the battles that will shape the direction and condition of our nation.

Making an Impact

Faith & Freedom Coalition is making an impact and disrupting the agenda for the radical liberal left.

What is Needed

$42.7 million is needed to win in 2020. This will translate into increasing our voter database, supporting field offices and coordinating volunteers and staff.

The 2020 election is the most important of our lifetimes.
Our time to act is now.

Mapping Out a
Results Driven Strategy

2020 By The Numbers

Target Goals of The 2020 Project
· Voter Registration - 5 million new voters
· Voter Turnout - 18 million to the polls
· Voter Education - Mailing over 100 million pieces of voter mail

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Faith & Freedom

A Timeline of Action


Inaugural Road To Majority conference in Washington, DC attracts over 500 grassroots activists.

Faith & Freedom makes 58.8 million voter contacts spearheading the conservative vote which ushered in 63 new House members and six U.S. Senators.


Faith & Freedom engages 250,000 voters in North Carolina Marriage Amendment victory.

122 million voter contacts to evangelicals and faithful Catholics in key states during 2012 election season.


Faith & Freedom adds 1,000,000th member.

60.3 million voter contacts during 2014 mid-term election season.


90.2 million voter contacts aids in Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States over Hillary Clinton.


“In just a few years, Ralph Reed has turned a small organization into a really nationwide, beautiful movement. Really, so true. And what you have achieved is extraordinary.” –President Trump


Faith & Freedom actively works for passage of the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act.

181 million voter contacts assists in limiting Republican House defeats and preserves the US Senate.


President Trump thanks Ralph Reed and Faith & Freedom for their hard work on behalf of significant criminal justice reform legislation, the First Step Act.