North Carolina State Leadership

Evelyn Murray
Executive – NC FFC

Evelyn Murray serves as the Executive Director of the North Carolina chapter of Faith & Freedom Coalition, the largest and fastest growing FFC chapter in the country.  Having worked on numerous local, state and national campaigns over the past thirty-five years, Murray has a wide range of experience from campaign manager to grass-roots organizer.  She worked in the Reagan Administration and has experience serving a member of Congress on Capital Hill.  She also served with our Chairman, Ralph Reed at the College Republican National Committee and Students for America.  In the 1980’s, Murray also has worked with the evangelical community in positions with American Coalition for Traditional Values and Moral Majority.  In addition to her work with FFC, Murray presently owns and runs the oldest retailer in the Raleigh area, Briggs Hardware, est. 1865, and is active in She Votes 2012 and the Romney-Ryan Campaign.


Any successful grassroots organization is always built from the ground up and the Faith & Freedom Coalition is no different. In order to build a great national and statewide organization, a strong foundation has to be put into place. The foundation for our national organization are the state affiliates and county chapters, making them the indispensable foundations of our group.

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