Petition to Suspend State Funding of Obamacare

Dear Friend of Freedom:

ObamaCare one of the gravest threats to freedom our nation has faced.

Barack Obama has stated his intent to "fundamentally transform" the American system, including our Constitutional structure of government. The engine that's driving this fundamental transformation of our society is ObamaCare.

A big part of Faith & Freedom's strategy to repeal ObamaCare is to persuade most of the 50 governors (30 of whom are Republican) to refuse to cooperate with ObamaCare.

If our governors stand against ObamaCare, the program will become unworkable.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas has already courageously announced that he will not use one penny of Texas taxpayer money for ObamaCare.  So far, at least nineteen governors  have indicated they will follow Governor Perry's lead and not participate in ObamaCare.  As a result, the Obama Administration has already announced the implementation of the ObamaCare "exchanges" in the states will be delayed by at least a year. Even some Democrat governors have expressed dismay at how much ObamaCare will cost their states.

We at Faith & Freedom are mobilizing our 700,000 members and supporters (plus millions of other Americans) to write and call their Governor and State Representatives to demand that they not spend one penny of state taxpayer money on ObamaCare.

Please join us in fighting ObamaCare by signing the petition below:

To: The Governor of (STATE NAME)

Last year, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government has NO AUTHORITY UNDER THE CONSTITUTION to force the states to either PAY for, or ADMINISTER ObamaCare.  Therefore, as a citizen of (STATE NAME) I ask that you stand with the majority of the nation’s state governors NOT to comply with, nor to finance, ObamaCare, thereby rendering the law unworkable and effectively dead.




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