Letter of Thanks to Senator Ted Cruz

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Letter of Thanks

To Senator Ted Cruz

Dear Senator Cruz:

Please accept my deepest thanks for your courageous 21 hour and 18 minute filibuster speech on the Senate floor against ObamaCare and for your ongoing relentless fight to end ObamaCare.

If we had 41 Senators like you, we would have ended ObamaCare by now.  You clearly understand that if ObamaCare is allowed to stand, America is over as the "land of the free."

I admire your commitment to principle -- specifically to following America's Constitution, which is a charter for limited government, not the kind mammoth ever-expanding federal bureaucracy Barack Obama is trying to impose on us that micromanages every aspect of our lives.

I also admire the fact that you never attack your political opponents personally.  Your entire 21 hour and 18 minute speech was on the substance of the horrors of ObamaCare.

Just like Ronald Reagan, you are a "Happy Warrior."  But you are also strong and resolute when it comes to fighting for America and restoring the principles of liberty upon which this magnificent Republic was founded.

I'm sure it's not easy to take the many vicious personal attacks that are coming your way.

I also agree with you that ObamaCare is becoming more and more unpopular with each passing week -- and that we can and will win in the end . . .  IF we fight

I know the battle to UNDO ObamaCare will be brutal.  Obama and the Left will not give up on their signature legislative achievement easily, or on their efforts to bring socialism to America.

Senator Cruz,  thank you for fighting to save America for our children and grandchildren. 

I will continue to pray for your safety.

May God continue to bless you and your loved ones. And may God rescue America.

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