FFC Endorsements

“We look to the Faith & Freedom Coalition and other common-sense, conservative, liberty-loving groups to be our voice.  You have access to the politicians; you have access to the venues where your voice can be louder as representatives of us.  So, we count on you to speak truth and to hold our politicians accountable because if not for that then our country will be transformed into something that we do not recognize.  Keep up the great work.”

Sarah Palin

"Ralph Reed has built an incredible organization and I'm gonna tell you, it's going to grow into a force to be reckoned with. And that's the Faith & Freedom Coalition. It's going to be the modern day Christian Coalition and it's gonna have a big impact."

Sean Hannity, radio host, author

“I believe the FFC offers hope for America; after all faith and freedom made America great. That’s why the FFC is so important–to get the truth into the debate and mobilize conservatives and people of faith to make their voices heard loud and clear. The FFC is just what America needs, at the EXACT MOMENT we need it…”

Dick Morris, author and political analyst

“Faith & Freedom Coalition is organizing in all 50 states, opposing the Obama agenda in Washington, and preparing to distribute 50 million voter guides and turn out a record number of pro-freedom voters in the all-important 2012 elections.”

Mark Levin, radio talk show host & author

“What you’re [Faith & Freedom Coalition] doing is historically important for the future of our country and the future of our children and grandchildren.”

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House

“Let me start by congratulating Ralph Reed on the work he’s done at getting the Faith & Freedom Coalition of the ground and for all the work that’s been done to promote the public policy goals of strengthening families, preserving traditional values, protecting the dignity of life and marriage, lowering the tax burden on small businesses and families, & requiring government to tighten its belt and live within its means.”

Senator Marco Rubio, FL

“My friends at the Faith and Freedom Coalition provide America with a great service by promoting limited government, advocating spending cuts, and educating voters about the conservative cause—all of which are Common Sense Solutions for America.  Join me in the support of this terrific organization that embraces God, family, and the constitution.  Help us to renew America and take our country back!”

Herman Cain, business executive, and radio host

"Although still fairly young, the 2-year-old Faith & Freedom Coalition is making an impact in this year's race for the White House."

Christian Broadcasting Network

“The FL Faith & Freedom Coalition is absolutely a great group of people. Ralph Reed has done an amazing job of putting it all together. I very much appreciate all of the hard work that members and supporters of Faith and Freedom have done…”

Donald Trump, business magnate and author

“The Faith & Freedom Coalition is a great organization. Please support this wonderful organization with your donations.”

Representative Michele Bachmann, MN

“Let me just say thank you, because I’m not just a fiscal conservative, I’m not just a social conservative, I’m a Biblical conservative.”

Senator Tim Scott, SC

“Thank you for your active and strong work on behalf of issues and values that I think are timeless and important for our country.”

Governor Bobby Jindal, LA

“I am so grateful for the commitment and the passion of the Faith & Freedom Coalition because freedom, religious liberty and the Constitution are under attack right now, and yet I am encouraged that you are standing up to defend liberty.”

Senator Ted Cruz, TX

I applaud FAITH & FREEDOM COALITION for defending the traditional values that made America great and the freedoms we enjoy under the Constitution. I have had the privilege to work with FFC and its grassroots members to advance sound public policy and defend the right of Christians to express their faith and be effective citizens. FAITH & FREEDOM is making a difference.

Senator Rand Paul, KY