Citizen Action Seminar in Circleville, OH

September 10 2012   |   BLOG
Citizen Action Seminar in Circleville, OH

Circleville Training
Tuesday, September 18th 7:00 p.m-8:00p.m
Crossroads Church, 5679 Tarlton Rd, Circleville, Ohio


You are faced with two unique opportunities this Presidential election:  to make a difference at the most significant level of the 2012 campaign, and to stand up for Christian values during the election.  The Faith and Freedom Coalition is bringing a Citizen’s Action Seminar to Circleville on September 18, from 7:00pm – 8:20pm to prepare you to do both. This volunteer training session will teach you to:

1. Identify & Register Voters
2. Work with Citizen Activists
3. Turn Out the Vote
4. Work with the Faith Community
5. Implement the Keys to Victory

RSVP to Circleville’s Citizen’s Action Seminar by Friday, September 14 by calling 740-466-4745 or register at